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Such a fun concept and great art! :D

What did you make this on


someone make a game for this


I didn't realize it until I read it in the manual but reading guides for games I didn't own and would never play (mostly in Nintendo Power) is exactly what drew me to this. Wonderful!


can I do fanart?


sorry for the late responce! i always welcome fanart!

very cool! I like it a lot! 


My heart hurts, these are fantastic! Lets make a game together! I'll pay you. 


Hey, May I use this to make an actual game? I know it's not an asset pack, It's just that I'd LOVE To create a game using stuff from the book! It's fine if not, I thought I'd ask!


I love everything about this book, and it creates such a powerful and wonderful sense of nostalgia in me. I love bestiaries so much and this is a perfect one. 


This book is a wonderful little idea. When I saw the map of Pommeland, I was immediately filled with a powerful sense of nostalgia and longing for a game that doesn't exist. I'd love to see something even more extensive like this from you in the future. A really wonderful book. Thank you.



Just in case. There are some really wonderful sprites, Can I use them for other products?




This is not an asset pack, so no, sorry!


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I truly enjoyed reading this (even though I'm still only at page 25)! It's kind of sad though that this is only a book and not really a game. And not just that, the artwork is just so beautiful!


your'e right bud


I loved reading the original and didn’t know there was a DX version! Thank you for making it and for putting it in the BLM bundle.


heeey will you print any more copies any time soon?

cuz if you won't, I'll buy the digital, but it'd be raad


heya, thank you for the comment! i would love to print more copies but since i pack and post them all myself, with my health conditions and the current pandemic i won't be able to until things are safer, sorry! but it will happen eventually!

ok, thxx :)


All I expected was some trivial novelty. What I got was subversive and deeply funny. Love it.


I love this so much and I can't pick which monster is the best.

Got this in the bundle, and it was delightful the whole way through, especially the pixel art. I did notice two minor mistakes, though (I'll give monster numbers to avoid spoilers):

- No. 19 has a black bar behind its title
- No. 71 has two consecutive "a"s in this sentence; "It sprays a a hallucinogenic gas..."

These didn't detract from the experience at all, though. My favourites were No. 27, 31, and 59. I'd love to see more fake strategy guides in the future.


I was delighted to see this in the bundle! The first time I ever went to my (now) girlfriend's house, she showed me all her coolest books. I ended up reading the entirety of this one together with her and discussing the monsters we liked best. A good few months later into the relationship, she said she found it really sweet how invested I got in the stuff she liked. It's a really nice memory! Now we are like the Power Beetles in real life.


this is so wonderful, i'm really glad you both enjoyed the book so much!

I'm getting some real Princess Tomato vibes.

i really enjoyed this! i particularly like how they all seem to fit nicely in this little world you've created. so cute!

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This looks like earth bound on crack and I love it, do you have any plans on making this into a real game? or creating licensable assets?

This so cute and usefull ! Your bestiary is a powerfull tool for anyone who want ta craft a RPG - tabletop or videogame. Thank you so much


I love this so much! The descriptions are so cute and well thought out and the art is fantastic! ❤️


Hi splendidland, I really enjoyed reading through your bestiary. As a kid, I loved reading PokeDex entries. I got a serious nostalgia wave! You also write great flavor text haha! Some of the entries cracked me up. 


Found this in the bundle, liked it a lot.


Hi! I just bought this yesterday and I knew I had to read through it because I was also one of those kids who obsessed over strategy guides, bestiaries, any encyclopedia I could get my hands on! 

It's a fantastic read, lots of love and creativity has been put into it! I was surprised how touching the flavor text was, I was totally invested in the story that unfolds throughout the book (yes there's even a great story, it's not just art!) Overall I really enjoyed the read, I know I'll be going back to it for re-reads because there are so many unique characters in it. 

If you enjoy reading strategy guides, bestiaries, or looking through character art, this is the book for you!


Heya! I draw myself and monsters are my main thing and boy, I have to say, reading this was so pleasant. This would be amazing to see put into an actual RPG, but in it’s bare form like this it’s also wonderful. All of the sprites are so cool, none of them can be directly compared to another and I think it’s impossible for me to pick which designs are better. If I had to choose a favorite i’d say that it’d be Space Thing or dragon. Wonderful flavor text by the way.

I can tell so much love went into this project, you’ve earned a follow from me for such talent.


You're immensely talented. 


Top 10 Anime Betrayals


This was super sweet! I loved reading all the flavor text (pun intended)


This was great, I used to make bestiaries like these all the time as a kid!


Just read this book, I got it in the bundle! It was very nice and I liked the gender and sexuality diversity! My favorite was Goblin Lout, not only is his story really cute but 19 is my birthdate which is also his bestiary number. I didn't like a particular part of the ending, SPOILER'S PAST HERE: I didn't like that somebody turned out to be evil and a dude I was looking forward to seeing was dead.

just reading through this made my mind race with how this game would play, you give enough information to get the creative juices going and leave enough gaps for those juices to fill!

I loved Dragon Warrior/Quest Monsters so much as a kid, to see this love letter to it (and Princess Tomato?) just made my day.  Thanks for the adorable artbook, the world always needs more DQM-inspired stuff!

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I just wanted to say that this is so cool. I adore the idea and can say that, since I was a kid, I've done similar things (with way less organization, ofc) wherein I make fake bestiaries for games that don't exist outside of my imagination. Anyway, this is fantastic and good on you for including your work in a cause as good as the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. Thank you, I found your work as a result and it's made my night.

Edit: I just wanted to add that I would definitely purchase future versions that expand on the world more, or that feature entirely new worlds. It's just such a cool idea, thank you for putting yourself out there.


I agree, I'm so interested in seeing this get expanded. This REALLY needs to become a game so badly! 


I just want animations

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I LOVE this! If I can ask, can anyone try to make a rpg with this setting? It would be interesting to characterize everyone found in this bestiary!


i would never try and stop anyone doing that if they wanted to! i made it to be a book to capture a specific feeling so i feel the effort would be better spent on making an original project personally. some people have used the book as a basis for tabletop RPGs though and i think that's wonderful

This is so good! I'm arranging these monsters into encounter lists so I can use them for my roleplaying group!

This looks like the earthbound guide.

I purchased the game, but I'm only seeing access to the .pdf? Where can I download the game?


it isn't a game, it is only a book!


Ohhhhhh I see! Well it's lovely work :) Would love to play this someday

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