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Apple Warrior

Apple Quest Monsters!

Over 50 lovingly crafted sprites and descriptions of monsters from a non existant RPG, inspired by my childhood love of reading strategy guides for games I never played.

I spent a lot of time on each monster, so I hope you enjoy reading them!

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Carrot Warrior

Update!: Apple Quest Monsters DX is now available to buy in physical reality! All in colour and contains 30 extra monsters!


Update!: You can get Apple Quest Monsters DX in digital form now too!



Buy Now£1.00 GBP or more

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okay I loved it but how come I ended up with infinity Orchard Guardians and 9 Earthworms on my team by the end of this game????????????????????????

what do you mean?

Very good work ! Chara-design and descriptions are excellent. The characters leave a dream .

5/5 monster design & descriptions, also a great example of non-game content on itch.io. This was a huge inspiration to my own barcode scannerbestiary in GGJ!

Gosh, it's such a wonderful short 'n sweet adventure! It's worth every penny it asks for and much much more! I'd like to have Baphomet and Poltergeist on my team!

I love this so much! Sprites are very well done and absolutely adorable. Every monster description made me smile. If I were to follow the 9 star limit, my team would be Lesser Imp, Scuzz-E-Fly, Goblin Lout, and Rat King!

i recommend this! it was a great, fun read, and the designs are wonderful

Guaranteed to spark your imagination.