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Apple Warrior

Apple Quest Monsters!

UPDATE: The original Apple Quest Monsters is now free!
If you enjoy it, please consider buying the deluxe edition, which includes more monsters, colour, and some extra goodies!

Over 50 lovingly crafted sprites and descriptions of monsters from a non existant RPG, inspired by my childhood love of reading strategy guides for games I never played.

I spent a lot of time on each monster, so I hope you enjoy reading them!

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Carrot Warrior

Update!: Apple Quest Monsters DX is now available to buy in physical reality! All in colour and contains 30 extra monsters!


Update!: You can get Apple Quest Monsters DX in digital form now too!


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(55 total ratings)
Tagsbestiary, Monsters, Pixel Art, Sprites


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I love all the spritework in this book...its so gorgeous.


VV cool lil thingy. much poggers.

Trans Baphomet watered my crops, pet my cat, and punched me in the face, i love her so much !!<3

Hello! I just came here to say I enjoyed Egg Baby. Can't wait to try your other very promisingly looking good games.


Reading this was delightful!

is the physical book going to be retocked?

i pack and post all the physical copies myself, and with the current pandemic i don't wanna be spending a lot of time in post offices! so, it will eventually, but not for a while!


bomb kid and mochi bun,fight me!
Great book,very appealing designs and charming/hilarious writing reminiscent of toby fox' style/earthbound.I would LOVE to see something like this in deltarune


This was perfect! It captures the style of an early 90s character / enemy list in a game book so well. Very nostalgic.

that's master level pixel art, must admit!


okay I loved it but how come I ended up with infinity Orchard Guardians and 9 Earthworms on my team by the end of this game????????????????????????


what do you mean?

Very good work ! Chara-design and descriptions are excellent. The characters leave a dream .

5/5 monster design & descriptions, also a great example of non-game content on itch.io. This was a huge inspiration to my own barcode scannerbestiary in GGJ!

Gosh, it's such a wonderful short 'n sweet adventure! It's worth every penny it asks for and much much more! I'd like to have Baphomet and Poltergeist on my team!

I love this so much! Sprites are very well done and absolutely adorable. Every monster description made me smile. If I were to follow the 9 star limit, my team would be Lesser Imp, Scuzz-E-Fly, Goblin Lout, and Rat King!


i recommend this! it was a great, fun read, and the designs are wonderful


Guaranteed to spark your imagination.