A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

FRANKEN draws near!

A new RPG from splendidland appears out of nowhere!

In "FRANKEN", a hero fights monsters to become stronger so they can save the world.

-the most rudimentary battle system imaginable
-bestiary to read about all the monsters
-find three magic orbs
-explore the world and talk to characters

Length:  30 mins - 1 hour.

[my cool website]

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(538 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Tags2D, Funny, JRPG, ohrrpgce, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour


franken.zip 49 MB
franken-mac.zip 49 MB
franken-linux-x86.tar.gz 48 MB
franken-linux-x86_64.tar.gz 48 MB
README-franken.txt 1 kB

Install instructions

extract the .zip file, and then run franken.exe!

check out the README file for info about the game.

if the mac version doesn't run, please consult the README.


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I love the fantastic sprite work and, as always, your style of humour!

Just one question, is Beacon Boy's first line (in the OW not the finale) supposed to be OVER/THERE? I decoded it from Morse code but the second word after the slash '...' translates to 'S' but not 'H' (hence OVER/TSERE). Is it intentional and does it mean something else?


thank you!

beacon boy is something of an embarrassment. it's supposed to say OVER THERE. i came up with them immediately after waking up one day, having noticed everyone who tested the game would end up getting lost during the airship segment and would go to the corners of the map, where there was nothing there. in my sleepy haze, i decided the best way to solve this would be a helpful but ominious creature that points towards the orbs and speaks in morse code. furthermore i accidently mistyped the code, so they're pretty much just not helpful at all.

a… splendid adventure (seriously, very fun and wholesome <3)

This game was a beautiful experience and makes me want to make games again, thank you for this


This was a roller coaster (a really fun one)


This is a top five game of all time.

Consider it one of those funny medications that helps with your sad feelings

What a great ride. Great music! Highly recommend to anyone and everyone. Even my dad!

Any chance this will get ported to Android?

This really cheered me up, ty.

This really is one of the most unexpected games I've ever played. Like HOLY CRAP the music is so good! The battling stuff is so simple yet enough to describe it's own mechanic. And the plot, it's... You really should experience it yourself.

10 outta 10 stars. 


whenever i try to play the game the graphics just look glitchy??? i've tried redownloading the game, does anyone know why 

Dunkey brought me here. I love this game and you. Keep on keepin on

Absolutely love it! Thank you!

Awesome characters, writing and sprites accompanied by well-fitting & catchy music <3

Amazing game, keep up the good work!

Can someone recommend me more free indie games worth checking out? :3

Why cant i fullscreen?

press alt+enter!

underrated great game!!!

I loved this so much. 

Question about the bestiary, containing potential spoiler below:

Is there any actual entry for #14 in the bestiary? I couldn't find one despite multiple play throughs and much searching. Also no play throughs online I saw found one. Is it supposed to be a reference to the reclining guy you can never access?

I found #14, you have to search the globe very carefully.

great game undertale quality

Lol at Douleth, Grarry, and the rest of the town inhabitants 😆

Just got to the castle. This music is DOPE <3

Someone pls tell me how to run this on Steam Deck I simply cannot get it to work :(

Don't worry I figured it out. Gotta run it through Lutris and then add it to Steam that way.


Can you help a dummy to do the same? I downloaded lutris and tried searching for it but didn't have any luck. Also tried opening the .exe and .rpg files, no luck there either.

Of course! In Lutris hit the + button in the upper left corner.  Select "add locally installed game" and in the Game info tab under the Runner drop-down menu select Wine. Then under the Game options tab add the Executable. I left the .exe in the downloads folder which might not be the best practice but it works! I didn't change anything else on this page. Same with the Runner options and System options tabs, I left everything there the same. After that try playing it in Lutris, and if it runs you can add it to Steam and should be good to go! The controls need to be remapped but that's pretty straightforward. Let me know if this works :)


hot diggity I think it's working! Thank you so much!

Happy to help!! Enjoy :)

franken randomizer when?

I'm going to lewd frankin

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i love it, spent 3 hours playing it (i know im slow) i love the music and the unexpected ending. i would like to ask how long it took to make this and how long you have been using this software?  Thank you and also you have sick humor in your game!

i've been using the software for a long time, i made "megaman sprite game" with it 10 years ago! the game was made as a little side project that I worked on infrequently, so it took 6 months from start to finish but i wasn't working on it a lot during that time!

cool! I’m going to try to make a game using the software that you used and I just wanted to see how long it took for you to do it. Thank you for answering!

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Im very sorry to ask another question, but how do you delete maps in OHRRPGCE? And also how do you transport heroes to other areas? sorry again.


you can't delete maps unless it's the most recent one, but you can delete everything about the map so it's restored to a blank slate. I think it's in "delete map data" or something but I can't check because i'm away from my computer for a few weeks. as for transporting heroes, you can simply use doors! if you need any more help i recommend signing up for the Slime Salad forums or discord or consulting the OHR wiki

Woah, I didn’t even realize you’re the one who made MegaMan Sprite Game. That’s amazing. 

Just downloaded it and tried to play it on my steam deck. Is it normal that it only plays with 20fps? Just need some confirmation 😂


ya that's the FPS it runs at!

thanks for the clarification. Now I can enjoy it on my deck 👍

How did you get it to run? I'm new to my deck and Linux and lost lol. I downloaded and unzipped it in the download folder, tried running the .exe and .rpg files, neither worked. I read elsewhere in the thread someone used lutris so I downloaded that, nothing found. 

I'm dumb, what do?

is it made with RPGmaker? and if is it, what version?


it's made with OHRRPGCE

oh okay thanks 😊


seems like bots keep posting porno gifs on here. i am going away for 3 weeks soon but i'll try and keep them away. if any appear please report them. thank you.


This game was so funny. I love all the NPC names so much, all the character designs were great, and I discovered a lot of cool new music from the soundtrack. Love the balance of silliness with semi-serious lore too. A+++ game, no complaints.

Any chance for franken 2?


probably not! i think the ending is very definitive.


i feel like it could be fairly likely for some characters from this to show up in later games, seeing as three man was from mega man sprite game, and there are actually a lot of cameos from mega man sprite characters in some of her other games> 
it'd be so funny to, like, see franken and the protagonist on their honeymoon just randomly in some future game in a few years or something>


is there even a real bestiary though


yea you press ESC to access the main menu and it's there.


oh i literally thought there was no menu because i tried pressing x and c which i'm used to in rg maker games

but i guess off uses escape also so maybe i'm just dumb>

aha! this was made in OHRRPGCE, not RPG maker!

yeah i read that in the credits but i didn't exactly know that while playing the game>

is there any particular reason you used that engine over rpg maker?

i just like it is all, i've been using it for decades! i never enjoyed making things with RPG maker. i couldn't figure out how to get my own graphics into it and gave up. OHR has a unique flavour.


this might be my favorite rpg released this year lmao>
this rocks honestly> 
in so many ways>


Saw this game on the Jimquisition Game of the Year awards, so I'm downloading it!


this game is funny, has a lot of heart, and I especially loved the pixel art. even the small sprites of the characters are unique (except the repeating arthropod joke) and full of personality. thank you for making this game!

Put this up as donationware, crowdfund for a more polished/longer version please as this reminds me a lot of 'Doom & Destiny' style deconstruction of RPGs but better :)

I have no words. I'd heard the ending was something else, and it did not disappoint.

literally smile across my face the whole game


Dunkey sent me


Dunkey literally hasn't mentioned this game (or anything else) other than Donkey Kong games/history for the past week+ so dunno what you're talking about.


its an older vid


donkey kong kicks ass


This was an awesome deconstruction of RPGs. I was laughing and smiling the whole time. :)

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I would love it if you made more stuff like this. PLEASE.


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