A terrifying vision of a future that may come to fruition if we don't stop it now.

A short story about navigating an inaccessible world.

Written by Samanthuel Louise "splendidland" Gillson

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Wowza, it's so colorful and fun and goofy and discombobulated, but it makes me sad, too. Being allotted value by something you don't understand, in a world that doesn't make sense (and doesn't care to explain itself, either). Down with the genius 1%, who worked so hard for their staggering brains...

I like the diversity of the people. I do not like money.

absolutely fantastic writing. do you hate smart people or something?


i hate the world that lets people deemed to be intelligent have more security and opportunities than those who deemed not to be. it's hard to navigate the world as a neurodivergant person


thats very fair. I didnt realise there was so much nuance!


An absolutely gripping tale. I recommend it to every english middle school classroom in America.


Your right, they should teach this to kids.


they stand in a room that somehow seamlessly combines the aesthetics of a clinical hospital room and a McDonalds play area.

it's good