A terrifying vision of a future that may come to fruition if we don't stop it now.

A short story about navigating an inaccessible world.

Written by Samanthuel Louise "splendidland" Gillson

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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I feel ya fam. Great story. Some of the comments are cracking me up because I was going to say it might be a little on the nose, but I guess what the hell do I know hahaha. Certainly something that hits harder when you deal with engineer types on the daily.


obsessed with your seamless integration of organic horror, i haven't read something in a while that just so effortlessly presented really disgusting visuals and let them just speak for themselves. the monorail tendons and chicken breast walls are so so nasty and i love them so much. also you are so incredibly funny. this rules


this is a lovely comment, thank you so much for enjoying my work!!


Wowza, it's so colorful and fun and goofy and discombobulated, but it makes me sad, too. Being allotted value by something you don't understand, in a world that doesn't make sense (and doesn't care to explain itself, either). Down with the genius 1%, who worked so hard for their staggering brains...


I like the diversity of the people. I do not like money.

absolutely fantastic writing. do you hate smart people or something?


i hate the world that lets people deemed to be intelligent have more security and opportunities than those who deemed not to be. it's hard to navigate the world as a neurodivergant person


thats very fair. I didnt realise there was so much nuance!


An absolutely gripping tale. I recommend it to every english middle school classroom in America.


Your right, they should teach this to kids.


they stand in a room that somehow seamlessly combines the aesthetics of a clinical hospital room and a McDonalds play area.


it's good