An exciting new way to reward performers in real time!

based on a conversation between myself and seren krakens

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This sounds like the happiest dystopia - the way people are made dependant on the little spike of dopamine they get from a treat, like getting their photo liked by thousands of strangers...


Is "Treats Tube" leftist hollywood brainwashing?

Lol it's the perfect line.

I also enjoy how Treat Tube sounds similar to Youtube. I'm assuming it's just a coincidence, but if it wasn't the hats off to you two!

It was a short, but good read, a great peek into a completely different world, and added the needed ounce of existential dread :)

8/10! :D


creepy... you really have a way with words that gives a cheery vibe but at the same time makes me shiver.


I found this a pretty amusing roast of social media and how we have become so concerned with getting a +1 in a database on some computer in a basement to feel that we are actually being seen and have value to other human beings.  But one critique I have is that this story made my peepee smaller and I don't like that. Please fix it.


I will give this an upvote hmmm yes


me when i'm. eatignh puzssy. lol...!!!!


Also this is really good satire, great work.