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Soundtrack is real good. Gives vibes of OFF to me, which may tell you something if you're familiar with that game. Worth the time put in to play it.

I loved this! 

If you love Final Fantasy II (aka Final antasy 4) you will LOVE this one.


Honestly, this is more than just a joke game. I loved the soundtrack and the characters and the art and in general this game made me really happy.


what the heck was that i loved it


Great game!


This was awesome! Love the inspiration from classics like Dragon Quest, and the humor was top notch! I found myself laughing at almost all dialogue. The art and music were also phenomenal, all around just a fantastic little adventure for anyone that has about an hour and likes old JRPGs! Props to the developers! P.S. 3-Man is the best.

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I just made an account to say how awesome this game is. In this state I'd already pay money for it. My favourite part was looking up the morse code. It gave me childhood flashbacks to Pokemon Ruby where you had to translate braille. The music is a solid 10/10. Also huge thank you for making a Linux release.

cool game


cute art, some funny moments, and obviously great character designs. i was expecting an rpg but this definitely feels more like a walking sim (the battle system is so rudimentary that it may as well be replaced by a sign saying 'just fight everything you see', theres no actual roleplaying, the only choice is whether to see every characters dialogue or not). pretty good way to spend half an hour but it doesnt feel like a game i guess


i role played as a total bad ass, personally

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my sweet love 

Yamato references/10. which is good


a yamato influence that i don't expect anyone to notice is that i based the scorpion design somewhat on the gamillas battleships

extremely based as the kids say

have u considered making an artbook? i rly love the sprites in this game

Thank you for Linux support!

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very silly game, glad dunkey made a video bout it


This was an enjoyable experience. Thank you. :)

Hi, I have tryed to run the app in MACOS. At First read your README, then I ve put the app to Finder to install the app. Then I go to Terminal and put sudo chmod -R +x/Applications/ Then I try to start in Applications in Finder with ctrl and open. "This Programm can not open"

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There should be a space after the +x.

If you still can't get it to work, you can instead download a Mac version of the OHRRPGCE (the engine the game was made with) and use it to run the .rpg file from any of the downloads (it's inside

Thank you kindly for your help, when I was home from work I will try do so and tell you what happends.


LOL Thx it was really just the space after the +x. Nothing more. Game is running now. :-)


I just finished it and I'm absolutely on love with the entire soundtrack. Fantastic work, everyone!


Hi splendidland, I hope you develop it for Android/Chromebook or Switch, I would love to download and play it, but I only have an android phone, Chromebook, android tablet, and consoles. I don't have a PC that can download your game but I would love to play it though, it looks fun!

If your chromebook supports a linux container you could give the linux version a shot.

how would I know if it does? How would I get the Linux container?

You can check out this google support page.

It might involve some fiddling with the linux terminal to extract the tar.gz file in order to run the game.

To extract, use:

cd /[folder where the linux version is]

sudo tar -xf [linux version].tar.gz

That should create a folder with the same name as the tar file. cd (change directory) to that folder and I think you can run the game with


It's a bit complicated and I'm not sure this will work but good luck.

which one should I Download? The x86 one or the x86_64 one? What is the difference between the two?

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I don't think it works. I try to run the game and it says cannot execute binary file: Exec format error. I tried both Linux versions and both said the same thing. 


played thru this entire game 2day after seeing dunkey’s video. absolutely charming homage to old school RPGs! love this funny little game so much


This was an absolutely beautiful game. You did a wonderful job, and I'm impressed by so many aspects of this game.
Keep up the grand work.


Hi there, Jake from Spacefarer Games here. Would you be interested in publishing this game for Switch? We can definately see a market for it there. Contact me at to discuss further.


When will u develove for android, i feel excired


10/10 best game ive ever played would recommend. Good art good music and overall a funny and good game. I might make a youtube video out this


love this game!! hillarious!!!! fuckin awesome characters and art!!!!! this game fucks hard!!!!!!!!!


Dunkey brought me here, looks like he had a blast! I wonder about the lore behind reclining dude lol




really fun, lots of fun details

the island shape is a very neat touch


i dont play many indie games like this but i think i saw joko streaming it on twitch and after playing it, its a really good game, funny, enjoyable, and simple. Thank you for creating such a great game hope to see you make another.


great game, great fun! :)


this was a wonderful fun little adventure, it really inspires me to work on my game in a good way


Absolutely loved this game. Thanks so much for making and sharing!


how do i fullscreen?


Alt + Enter

Is it normal that when fullscreen the game will still not stretch but instead be aligned top left leaving black bars on the right and bottom part of the screen? (on linux at least)

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I totally love this retro style game and good hardware support =w=

BEFORE EDIT: Many friends of mine use steam so I just asked the author whether it is feasible to publish it on some other platforms to recommend it to other non-this-site users


i don't think i could put this on steam! but anyone should be able to download it from here whether they have an account here or not

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this was one of my favorite experiences with an rpg in my entire life, and probably pretty high up there with video games in general! it's a silly joke game and probably wasn't aiming that high, but it super got there and i loved every bit of it. thank you for making art!


Since many people haven't noticed despite the MUSIC LISTING.tx file, here's the music 

Intro: Thierry Durbet - Satieric

Overworld: Trevor Duncan - Weightless

Battle 1: Geoff Bastow - Tomorrows Pleasures

Hell's Knight intro: Uchuu Senkan Yamato - Enter Dessler

Hell's Knight Battle: Uchuu Senkan Yamato - Dessler Attack

Battle 2: Sam Fonteyn - Escape to Danger

Town: Bill Loose - Easy Stroll

Castle: Steve Gray - Beverly Hills

Cave: Uchuu Senkan Yamato - Silence of Space

Battle 3: Zeta Gundam - Pursuit

Battle 4: Derek Wadsworth - Seduction

Airship: Gerard Gesina - Yellow Comet

Battle 5: Blake's 7 - Main Theme

Hell Tower: Blake's 7 - Federation March

Battle 6: Barry Gray - UFO Main Title

Battle 7: The Big O - Respect

Moon: Trevor Bastow - Feather Bed

Moon Palace: ORM - Tropic

Final Boss Speech: Patlabor 2 - At Parting

Final Boss Phase 1: Space 1999 - Year Two Main Theme

Final Boss Phase 2: Galaxy Railways - Opening

Battle 8: Uchuu Senkan Yamato - White Comet Disco

Ending: Barry Gray - Tracy Lounge Piano

Credits: Charlie Byrd - Georgy Girl Instrumental

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cool ost and art what was the japanese song btw?

also linux gamers u need to install sdl2_mixer 2.0 to play this game

Thanks! This is what I was looking for.


I've been trying for days to play this on my steam deck, i hope this is the solution! Just need to figure out how to install the mixer now


Do yourself a favor and play this.


The game are good if you play it again still good.

Quick Full Game Video


Well, this is the weirdest game I have ever played. I do like the art style, the various Easter eggs, and the soundtrack choices. However, the game felt way too linear for it to feel enjoyable. It was boring, but strange enough for me to keep going.

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