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DELIGHTFUL game. i absolutely loved reading the bestiary, finding out that atom fighter used she/her made me experience a joy i didn't think possible

also do you happen to have the sprites saved anywhere? i’d love to reference them for fan art!

if you download the latest nightly version of OHRRPGCE you can open franken.rpg in custom.exe and look at all the graphics yourself!

thanks! ^^

awesome game i love my cool friend condor

also Very Cool art and character designs

What an incredible experience. Thank you so much.

I love it.

simply beautiful, thank you so much for making this!

This was Extremely Good, thank you


First game to ever make me cry laugh. An absolute masterpiece.

Wow amazing game! It's also pretty hilarious too! What Game Engine did you use!?


the game is made in OHRRPGCE!

It's a great game, very funny with a lot of memorable moments. Thanks for porting it to Windows, Mac, and Linux. An Android Version would be cool too.


Nice little guided adventure, liked it.
some point gave me slight undertale vibes :-)


by the way, the top left beacon boy is missing a dot :-)

I had a lot of positive emotions while playing it. Masterpiece. 

Three Man out of Three

Had a smile on my face the entire time I played. And WOW what killer music. Truly wonderful experience.

This is it, this what life is about.

Thank you!

art is so lovely


This game is a masterpiece in one sitting.

I love you for making this game.


I am Jack's inability to thank the quiet gray man.


i am Jack's neat literary reference 


who is jack


The first rule about replying to this comment is, we don't explain the reference.




jack meoff


*dies of baldness forever*

d i e s o f b a l d n e s s f o r e v e r

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wonderful game ! we had lots of laughs playing it :) made sure to read everything in the game


Kickass sprites, great jokes and cool creatures :]


Awesome game - had loads of fun playing through this with a friend and every character interaction made us laugh. I love how the battle system basically only serves to make sure you've seen enough jokes before you leave an area (or to make you laugh on its own).


the cerberus fight is comedy gold ngl very good game overall

The lounging man eludes and vexes me. Anyway idk if anyone else has had this but at random times the screen would just continuously flicker after either entering/exiting a town or ending a battle. This was on mac.


A goddamn masterpiece

Great stuff. Thank you so much. Cerberus was a particular favorite his line in the wedding got me pretty good. 


it looks cool

Has anyone had any success getting this game to run on the Steam Deck? I have been trying for a few days, but I still have a lot to learn about Linux, so I haven't had any success :(

What is happening?

I've installed the Linux version through the itch app, just like any other game, but it won't play after pressing launch. It gives me the error message: "Exit code 0x7f(127) for (franken)". Tried the regular and the 64-bit version, but i get the same issue.

Deleted 180 days ago

Open the terminal and type ./franken while in the game directory. What output does it give?

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open file no such file or directory

type "sudo pacman -S sdl2" and then install the library

Try running it as a non-Steam game so that you get the Steam Runtime, which will have SDL2. You won’t be able to install anything through pacman because SteamOS is immutable.

I wanted to update this thread for anyone who was trying to get this working. You can download the Windows version, and then set it as a Non-Steam app, and with Proton, and it works great. 


does beacon boy actually say OVER / TSERE or is he supposed to say OVER / THERE (because of the way his arms are pointing?)

supposed to say "OVER THERE", the text has a typo but the audio is correct.


ah okokok, I thought so lmao. The game made me squeal like a hog, such funny dialogue man. Awesome job!!!!


Based as hell




Loved this! Thanks for making it :)


Too bad we can't claim this since on my phone. By the time i have access to a pc I'll most likely have forgotten about this game. Also, i can't figure out how to add to my collection.


there should be a "collection" button at the bottom of the screen on mobile! the game can't be claimed because it's free, and as far as i know that only works on games that are normally paid for but are on 100% off sale.


I've never played a game that has had me laugh continuously with no stops. The writing is amazing and the art and music is paired so perfectly. This is a master piece, 10/10.


It was lovely. Great writing. Perfect pacing. Really enjoyed the end!


This is a fantastic game. Great writing, art, and design. One of the most charming game experiences I've ever found on


7/10 for random Blakes 7 music usage

+3/10 for character called 3

Total 10/20 because I failed math

Had a really fun time playing it. Lots of good dialogue that didn't feel like "too much" and if I didn't try to look at everything possible it has a good length to it for what it is. BTW love the art. Good shit.


This was exceptionally funny


Haha loved this! Great sense of humour, and all-round fun game to play.

A true work of art.

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